We are now offering over 64 different designs or graphics to put on your Crazee Wear blank shirts, tanks, pants, shorts and hoodies.

Simply find the item you desire (remember the item must be a solid colored item with no designs already on it). 

For instance; solid style 500 pants. 

Simply click the item you like and if applicable find a tab that says custom graphic selector. Click the "View All Graphics" link to see a page with all 64 designs. Remember some of these are for pants, some for shorts and others for shirts or tops

Once you pick the desired design go back to the drop down box, find the one you like and left click on it. The design will come up on the right of the drop down box. You then can pick the primary color you want the design to be and the secondary color if one is offered. 

All graphics will go on the front of the shirts or side of the pants and shorts unless you indicate differently in the comment box. All sales are final when you customize your items.

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